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Patient Management
Herbal Medicine
Nutritional Medicine
Combining Herbal and Nutitional Medicine
Vehicle Expenses

Now available!  Version 2 of TMD and NMD now include more than 6Mb (7000 records) of food source information

Patient Management Software


The Complementary Medicine Suite (CMS)

Patient Management Software combined with our Herbal & Nutritional Medicine Software.

Computerize your records & monitor the waiting room.

Suitable for individuals or multi-practitioner businesses.

Already computerised but want to change to our programs?  We may be able to help you import all your current data to the new program.

Free trial versions are available for all our programs 

Herbal & Nutritional Medicine programs

Office & Business Management programs

Complementary Medicine SuiteCombining all herbal, nutrient and patient management programs (Available now!) 

  Vehicle Monitor: Track trips and vehicle expenses (Just $11.00 incl GST!)  

Patient ProPatient management program (Available now!) Also, Waiting Room Manager a patient appointments scheduler that is tightly integrated with Patient Pro

HerbBase (HB):  Herbal medicine database (fully referenced data available)

Nutritional Medicine Database (NMD)Vitamin and mineral database Version 2 now available!

  Automated Data Graphs and Tables in MS Excel: Automatically construct tables and graphs from .CSV files to Report ready versions in a matter of seconds (Available to be customized to your specific needs!)  Contact us


Traditional Medicine Database (TMD)Contains both HerbBase and Nutritional Medicine Database  (independent review of TMD at Botanical.com!) Version 2 now available!

Food & Nutrient Calculator (FNC)Calculates nutritional values for both name brand & raw food (Data supplied by the USDA release 13, 1999)

All our Programs offer the following:  

Fully editable & expandable - you can add your own information (except FNC)

Download data and share it with colleagues / friends / students

Ability to search & sort data in many ways 

Option to purchase fully referenced pre-entered herbal medicine data (you can also edit and update this information)

We can customize databases for your individual needs:  

Automating complex administrative procedures and data-handling routines

See Services for more information.

Solving data analysis problems, undertaking data analyses and the production of reports

We believe in putting something back to make this world a better place:

$1.00 from each program sale &/or set of herbs goes to The International Fund for Animal Welfare www.ifaw.org

Download free, fully-functional trial versions of all programs.

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