Introducing Patient Pro & Waiting Room Manager

The complete patient management system for complementary medicine

Specifically designed for practitioners of complementary medicine

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to download introductory PowerPoint presentations)

Fully Integrated with all our other programs (TMD/HerbBase/NMD/FNC)

Computerise your Patient Records 

bulletText fields available for every consultation & view/edit
bulletRecord charges, payments, issue invoices (picture) & make next appointment (picture)
bulletStock control soon to be released

Data fields included: 

naturopathy (picture) 

diet (picture)

iridology systems (Jenson picture), (Angerer picture), (Rayid picture)

demographics (picture

social data (picture)

family relationships and family history (picture)

allergies and bio-signs (weight, height, blood pressure, etc) (picture)

Other fields are customizable to let you enter case notes regardless of your specialization

Detailed program information

bulletSeparate record for each consultation, with automatically-dated, cumulative, "Symptoms", "Management" and "Progress" fields for easy use and review  (picture)
bulletEasy-to-use invoicing system that lets you charge for products supplied and/or time or service provided
bulletPrint the invoice (or an invoice/receipt if the account is paid in full)
bulletExport the invoice/receipt data to your existing billing system 
bulletAn "Invoice control" module (picture) that lets you:
bulletIssue an invoice/receipt independently of consultations (great for use by your receptionist!)
bulletView or print any previous invoice
bulletCopy data from a previous invoice to a new one
bulletReceive full or part payment for an invoice and update its history (including the outstanding amount)
bulletView a list of overdue invoices and automatically print 'reminder' invoices
bulletProduce analytical reports on any/all previous invoices (grouped by practitioner, patient, service or product), and further customize the reports according to your needs
bulletProduce a daily 'reconciliation' report with a list of all receipts plus a summary broken down according to payment methods.  (This report can also be produced for any time period  --  great for Australian practitioners who need to provide this information to the Australian Tax Office!)
bulletAccess information on herbal medicine from Michael Moore (picture)
bulletSave patient and financial data in a variety of file formats for use in other programs
bulletAutomated backup of data
bulletFor use by one or many practitioners
bulletComprehensive Help file, and PowerPoint tutorials
bulletOptional add-on: Waiting Room Manager -- a patient appointments scheduler with waiting room viewer  (To view a screenshot, click here.)
bulletYou and/or your receptionist(s) can:
bulletMake appointments quickly and easily (using patient data from Patient Pro)
bulletIssue invoices and receive payments
bulletView who is in your waiting room, how long each of them has been there, and (in a "first-come, first-served" system), who is next in the queue
bulletAdd patient information into the Patient Pro/Waiting Room Manager system for newly-presenting patients
bulletNote:  in its current form, WRM is designed for exclusive use with Patient Pro  --  it will not function if Patient Pro is not also installed
bulletOptional add-on:  Modularized stock control option (coming soon)
bulletIf you already have patient information in word processor or spreadsheet format, we can convert your data for use in Patient Pro at a nominal cost.  We can also provide advice on how to use Patient Pro when third parties (such as insurance companies) are billed for patient services.  

PowerPoint Introductory Presentations

If you have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can view short presentations that introduce you to Patient Pro's main features (left-click to view on-line, or right-click and choose Save Target As... to download for later viewing).  If viewing on-line, the presentations may take about a minute to start.

Starting Patient Pro  (165KB)

Patient Pro's Main Form  (164KB)

Configuring Patient Pro to suit your practice  (538KB)

Adding patients  (576KB)

Consultations  (458KB)

Invoices  (116KB)

Receiving payments  (242KB)

Introduction to Waiting Room Manager (602KB)

Download free, fully-functional trial versions of all programs.

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