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There are four steps to downloading Dynamic Array programs:

  1. Downloading the file(s)
  2. Installing the program(s)
  3. Running and using the evaluation version of the program(s)
  4. Registering the program(s)

1. Downloading the file(s)

bulletYour web browser may respond with a warning about the possibility of downloading programs with viruses:  all our programs have been checked with the latest versions of virus protection utilities!  You can safely proceed with the download.
bulletWe recommend that you specify the root directory of your boot-up hard disk (usually C:\) as the location to which your web browser should save the file.  The downloaded file will be called TMDSetup.exe, HBSetup.exe, NMDSetup.exe, FNCSetup.exe or VMSetup.exe.

2. Installing the program(s)

bulletUsing Microsoft Explorer, locate the downloaded file and double-click on it.  An installation program will begin. 
bulletJust follow the on-screen instructions: when the installation has completed, you'll be able to use TMD, HerbBase, NMD, FNC or Vehicle Monitor right away! 
bulletWe strongly recommend that you accept the default installation locations.   (If you do, the program(s) will be installed in a subdirectory under \ProgramFiles\DynamicArray on the hard disk on which Windows is installed).

3. Running and using the evaluation versions of TMD, HerbBase, and NMD

The evaluation versions of all our programs are 100% functional:  you can use them (for 30 days) just as if you owned a fully licensed and registered copy  --   you can enter data, use their data rearrangement facilities, view and print reports, or whatever.  But after 30 days, the programs run only if you've registered them.  

bulletTo run the evaluation version, click Start | Programs and then select the program menu item.
bulletA grey dialog box will appear, with a graphic to its left and various other buttons and other items to the right;
bulletJust click on its "Continue" button;
bulletThe program will start, and you can use it any way you like!
bulletPlease Note!! 
bulletRe-installing an evaluation program will over-write any data you've added to the program;
bulletRegistering an evaluation program will retain any modifications you've made to the program during the evaluation period;
bulletSee below for information on how to register.

4. Registering a Dynamic Array program

At any point during or after your evaluation period, you can register your copy of an evaluation program.  This will ensure (a) that any data modifications you've made during the evaluation period will be retained and (b) that you can go on using the program, just as if you had bought it "off the shelf".

bulletPrint the file called 'RegisterTMD.txt' (or 'RegisterHB.txt', or 'RegisterNMD.txt' as appropriate):  you will find it in the main program directory, usually C:\ Program  Files \ Dynamic Array \ TMD or C:\ Program Files \ Dynamic Array \ HerbBase or C:\ Program Files \ Dynamic Array \ NMD.  You can also print any of these files from your browser by following the links from the Orders/Pricing page.  Finally, you can find and print a registration form from within any of the programs' on-line help files.
bulletComplete the form, ensuring that you specify both the "Version No." and the "Serial No." that appears on the very first (grey) screen when you open your evaluation program.
bulletSee the Orders/pricing page for details on licensing fees.
bulletIf you are paying the license fee with a credit card, simply fax the form to us at:
bullet+61 3 9545 0581
bulletIf you are paying by cheque or money order ($ Australian please), enclose the form and payment in an envelope and mail it to:
      Dynamic Array
      5 Chestnut Court
      Wheelers Hill
      Victoria 3150
bulletOn processing your order, we will send you (by e-mail or snail-mail as requested on the form) a registration code and password.  Enter the latter into the evaluation splash screen, together with your name and company, and then click on the splash screen's 'OK' button:  the evaluation splash screen will no longer appear when you start the program.