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Table 1 below displays the data entry fields available for nutrients in NMD.

bulletA "Standard field" is one that lets you enter a limited number of characters;
bulletA "List field" lets you enter any number of standard fields in lists (an asterisk indicates that you can apply rankings to the list);
bulletA "Memo field" lets you enter unlimited text, graphics, URLs etc.

Table1:  Data fields for nutrients 


Memo field

List field

Standard field

Nutrient name   Y
Other names Y  
Vitamin/Mineral/Other   Radio button
Vitamin is water/fat soluble Conditional radio button
Mineral is trace/macro Conditional radio button
Nutrient is essential Y
General description Y
Contraindications Y
Precautions/warnings Y
Food sources Y Y*
Functions Y Y*
Therapeutic applications Y Y*
Preventions Y Y
Early deficiency symptoms Y Y
Deficiency symptoms Y Y
Toxicity symptoms Y Y
Interactions Y Y
Absorption locations Y Y*
Absorption enhancers Y Y*
Absorption inhibitors Y Y  
Dosage Y  
Infant RDD Y
Child RDD Y
Adult male RDD Y
Adult female RDD Y
Infant therapeutic dose Y
Child therapeutic dose Y
Adult male therapeutic dose Y
Adult female therapeutic dose Y
Infant safe maximum dose Y
Child safe maximum dose Y
Adult male safe maximum dose Y
Adult female safe maximum dose Y
Storage Y Y  
Excretion Y Y  
Conditions to increase dose Y Y  
Forms available Y Y*  

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