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Botanical Names

Herbal Medicine Data Available

Dynamic Array is pleased to announce the release of its first set of herbal data for use in TMD and HerbBase.  

Data on 225+ herbs are already available!

Total database size will be at least 600 herbs, released in sets of 25 each month - covering  a minimum of  16 fields (see below).    To view a list of the first 12 data sets (300+ herbs), click on the 'Botanical Names' button to the left.

Data fields included  The focus of data entry has been phytotherapeutic so there is limited information on traditional and culinary uses, etc.  While the amount of data entered for any given herb inevitably varies, data have been consistently entered into the following fields:

bulletBotanical name (together with 'common' and 'other' names)
bulletBotanical family
bulletConstituents (including memo)
bulletActions (including memo)
bulletTherapeutic applications (including memo)
bulletPart(s) used
bulletWhen available, information is also provided for the following fields:
bulletHistorical use

Data derived from reputable, mainly research-based, published information.  Data have been entered using a variety of the most well-known and reputable sources in phytotherapy.  Click on the 'References' button to the left for the details.

All data can be updated and modified.  Any data you purchase from Dynamic Array is editable in any way you wish: 

bulletadd to or delete information in both memo fields and lists (grids);
bulletsupplement the purchased data with information from your favorite sources;
bullet add new data as they become available;
bulletupdate your References as appropriate;
bulletThe only restriction on use is that data originally purchased from Dynamic Array will not be available for downloading.

**Save yourself hours of data entry time per herb!

Order individual herbs (minimum purchase of 15) or subscribe to regularly-delivered data sets from as little as $AUD1.00 ($AUD1.10 for purchases from within Australia) per herb.   See 'Data Purchasing Options' below for further information. 

Data will be delivered by E-Mail in "zipped" format:  just extract to your uploading/downloading folder and perform an upload within TMD or HerbBase!   Detailed instructions will accompany each set of data.  

Data purchasing options:  

bulletSubscription rate:  $AUD1.00 per herb (or $1.10 including GST for orders received from within Australia)
bulletPay up-front, or monthly as you receive the data; 
bulletOne year's subscription (300 herbs at $1.00 each): $300.00 (or $330 including GST for orders received from within Australia);
bulletTwo year's subscription (600 herbs at $1.00 each): $600.00 (or $660.00 including GST).
bulletIndividual herbs:  $1.20 (Australian) per herb (minimum purchase: 15 herbs; price including GST for orders received from within Australia is $1.32)

With every data delivery, you will also receive (free!) the latest update on all of TMD's or HerbBase's lookup tables!

Order here!


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Date last modified:  Wed, 16 April 2008