bulletThe Dynamic Array Food and Nutrient Calculator (FNC)
bulletData on 6210 foods supplied by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Standard Reference Version 13!
bulletAvailable now!!  Click here for more information, and here to download your trial copy.
bulletDisplay data on up to 82 nutrients for any food
bulletFNC automatically calculates nutrient values on up to 15 different weight measurements
bulletEnter a weight for any food, and FNC will calculate all the nutrient weights for that food with a single button-click!
bulletRank foods according to the availability of any nutrient
bulletExport calculations to a wide variety of formats for your private use
bulletExtensive printing options
bulletCustom selection of nutrients to display
bulletFully integrated with TMD, HerbBase and NMD


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Date last modified:  Wed, 16 April 2008