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Dynamic Array is an ethical company and is proud of its standards of customer service.  The following details our policies on:

bulletCustomer support

Customer Support

Dynamic Array warrants that it will provide free e-mail-based assistance for the downloading, installation and use of its programs for at least twelve months from the date of your initial download or purchase.

Whilst our resources permit, this period will be extended indefinitely.  If and when our resources make this impossible, we will both attempt to advise you by e-mail and do our utmost to resolve your next query for free as well.


Dynamic Array warrants that it will make available to all of the registered users of its software, free upgrades for at least twelve (12) months from the time of initial registration.  


Dynamic Array takes both your privacy and the security of any personal information you might send us extremely seriously.  We warrant that we will never divulge any information about you to anyone  --  full stop!

bulletCredit card information:
bulletWe keep paper records only (as required by our bankers) in an off-premises site;
bulletWhen we move to on-line commerce, it will be under the highest possible standards of security; 
bulletThe world's "best" hacker might be able to get into our site, but he/she will never be be be able to access your credit card information!
bulletPersonal information
bulletIn line with normal business practice, we keep your contact information, but in an off-line database.
bulletContacting you
bulletWe undertake not to bombard you with lots of unsolicited e-mails;
bulletWe may contact you with information about our products, but will keep this to an absolute minimum;
bulletWe will absolutely respect a reply to any of our e-mails that contains the word "Unsubscribe" as its subject.  The only exception to this will be if you initiate a request  for information or support.

Download free, fully-functional trial versions of all programs.

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Date last modified:  Wed, 16 April 2008