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Customized Database Software

We specialize in automating complex administrative processes that would otherwise be time-consuming, laborious and prone to error.

Customized Databases can help you automate many processes such as:

bulletData entry
bulletData analysis
bulletGraphing data tables
bulletCustomer / patient records
bulletStock sales and ordering
bulletCustomer contact

We have been designing, implementing and maintaining database software applications since 1987.  

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Examples of recent products include:

**STARS**  -  a student academic records database program that:

bulletUploads basic student information from a central institutional database;
bulletFacilitates enrolment of students into classes within subjects;
bulletCalculates final marks based on user input for separate assessments, employing user-editable formulae; final grades automatically calculated from final marks (over-write by user possible);
bulletDownloads results into an institutional result-reporting database;
bulletAutomates letter-sending to individuals, members of classes or subjects, students with certain minimum marks, etc;
bulletAllows easy selection of Honors students with a single key-press by displaying all marks received by students over all years, and automatically sends invitation letters to selected students;
bulletAutomates production of student profiles;
bulletProvides extensive statistical analyses of grade distributions and other data in both tabular and graphical formats;

PublishOr  -  a Faculty-based staff profiling program that

bulletInterrogates a variety of unconnected institutional databases and converts their data into user-friendly (and readable!) format;
bulletAllows partially-automated data entry on issues of local relevance;
bulletProvides extensive searching, sorting and filtering capabilities on the data, usually with no more than a couple of button-clicks from the end user;
bulletPrintable reports (with tables and graphics) at the click of a button;
bulletExporting capabilities.

MTEX  -  A Master's Thesis Examination program that:

bulletNot only tracks the progress of individual students through the examination process, but also:
bulletautomatically sends user-modifiable preformatted letters to all relevant people at each stage of the examination process (with all fields auto-inserted into the letters);
bulletautomatically prints the required number of copies of letters;
bulletinstantaneously displays the stage to which a student has progressed in the examination process and what needs to be done before progressing to the next stage  -  answer student queries without having to dig through mountains of paper-work!
bulletautomatically sends letters to examiners and others whose response is overdue.
bulletUses automated data entry through lookups wherever possible;
bulletProvides user-modifiable statistical data.

BROOMS  -  a network-based room-booking program (with a sense of humor!) especially designed for large organizations with pressure on space and a premium on flexibility that:

bulletEnsures all users can immediately see the availability of any room at any time;
bulletLets users quickly find available space at any time;
bulletAllows users to enter "bids" for available rooms at particular times (both for extended periods, such as a weekly booking over a semester or year, or on a one-off basis).  These bids are processed by a central booking office and the results are automatically received by remote users;
bulletFacilitates ultra-fast searches for rooms and time-slots;
bulletLets remote users view (and sort and/or filter and/or export to another file format, with a just a single button-click or a few keystrokes) all their confirmed bookings;
bulletEasily distinguishes between bookings for the "current" or "next" year;
bulletEnables "priority" over specific rooms for specific users at certain times (a great compromise between "territoriality" and "efficient use"!);

TimeTable Direct  -  a timetabling program that takes data straight from the BROOMS program and, with just a few button clicks, and no data entry at all, turns them into a finished timetable, ready for printing or deployment to the World Wide Web. 

Note:  TimeTable Direct comes with a variety of options, including the ability to enter timetable data for rooms not included in the BROOMS program, to enter additional data for timetable display, and to automatically reproduce timetable entries under linked headings.

All of the above programs can be adapted for use in new situations, and we welcome the opportunity to take on new challenges!

No matter how complex the problem, Dynamic Array can find a software solution that will save you time, money and the embarrassment caused by data-entry errors!


Download free, fully-functional trial versions of all programs.

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