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Custom Software
Data Analysis

As well as its flagship programs for traditional and herbal medicine, Dynamic Array offers you or your company the following specialized services (follow the links below for more information):

Customized software development

We excel in the production of software that automates complex administrative tasks such as:

bulletstudent/client/patient databases;
bulletautomated letter-sending to individuals in elaborate bureaucratic processes;
bulletroom-booking and time-tabling;
bulletturn ugly, unfriendly institutional data into attractive information that you can use in the way that you want;
bulletanalyze data (with tables and graphs) with just a few button-clicks;
bulletour most recent job reduced 75 days work to less than two hours!

Give us your administrative nightmare and we will turn it into a dream come true!

Data  processing and analyses

Want your data analyzed?

bulletour data analysis team has more than 40 years of collective experience!
bulletif you are baffled by the format of your data and don't know how to proceed, we can help!
bulletgive us your data in almost any format and we will
bulletconvert it into an analyzable format;
bulletanalyze it in the way you stipulate and provide you with:
bulleta textual analysis;
bulleta professional, finished report in almost any format you can imagine
bulletif you regularly analyze similarly-structured data, we can develop a program that will usually accomplish your analyses with just a few button-clicks and in a tiny fraction of the time you currently spend doing the same job!


Download free, fully-functional trial versions of all programs.

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