Vehicle Expenses
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Vehicle Monitor

Vehicle Monitor:  An electronic log-book for your car! Download a free trial version

bulletTrack journeys & expenses
bulletEspecially useful for taxation purposes
bulletVersatile: one car/one driver or many cars/many drivers
bulletFast data entry
bulletCan be configured to enter the current date automatically
bulletExtensive use of lookups means that most fields can be completed with just a couple of keystrokes
bulletAutomatic calculations
bulletDistance for each trip
bulletTotal distance for all trips
bulletPercentage business usage
bulletTotal of all expenses
bulletYearly summaries
bulletProduced with just three button-clicks
bulletPrint a comprehensive report to give to your accountant 
bulletExport data for use in an accounting or electronic tax return programs
bulletCustom summaries
bulletOrganize your own summaries according to any of the database's fields:
bulletBy dates
bulletBy driver
bulletBy reason for journey
bulletBy expense item
bulletVery Affordable (just $10.00, plus $1.00 GST for orders from within Australia)
bulletMore information
bulletDownload a free trial version
bulletInformation on downloading and using trial versions


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