Nutritional Medicine
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1)  NMD: Nutritional Medicine Database

2)  FNC:  Food and Nutrient Calculator


Now available!  Version 2 now includes data for approximately 750 foods across over 80 nutrients (averaging 100 foods per nutrient).  Contact us for more information.

Prescribe nutrients based on patient symptoms
Search for nutrients by therapeutic applications, uses, deficiency symptoms & food sources (among many others)
Add newly released information at any time (data entry is fast and automated)
Print reports of single nutrients or groups of nutrients
Prescribe nutrients based on illness information

NMD offers: 

bulletA fully expandable Materia Medica on the medicinal qualities and uses of nutrients;
bulletFast and flexible data entry in lists and free-text formats from sources of your choice;
bulletPowerful and useful data rearrangement options;
bulletExtensive and flexible reporting/printing facilities;
bulletMemos with search (and replace), spell checking, URL-awareness, together with graphics and OLE capabilities;
bulletData-sharing with colleagues, and much more!!
bulletClick on the 'NMD' button to the left for more information.

NMD is also available with our Herbal Medicine Database -  See information on TMD


bulletAccess data on 82 nutrients for 6210 foods (data from the USDA SR13 database);
bulletDisplay nutrient weights for up to 15 different food weights (or enter your own food weight, and FNC will calculate the nutrient values for you!);
bulletRank foods according to the availability of any nutrient;
bulletCustom selection of nutrients for display;
bulletExport any displayed data in any of 10 formats for use in other programs such as word processors and spreadsheets;
bulletFull reporting/printing capabilities;
bulletClick on the 'FNC' button to the left for more information
bulletDownloadable trial versions available now!  See Orders/Pricing for details.



Download free, fully-functional trial versions of all programs.

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