Combining Herbal and Nutitional Medicine
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TMD: Traditional Medicine Database

Combines both HerbBase & NMD

bulletA fully expandable Materia Medica on the medicinal qualities and uses of both herbs and nutrients;
bulletFast and flexible data entry in lists and free-text formats from sources of your choice;
bulletPowerful and useful data rearrangement options;
bulletExtensive and flexible reporting/printing facilities;
bulletAll memos have search (and replace), spell checking, URL-awareness, together with graphics and OLE capabilities;
bulletData-sharing with colleagues, and much more!!
bulletClick on the 'TMD' button for further information;
bulletFor an independent review, see

Complementary Medicine Suite (Now available!)

Combines both TMD and Patient Pro (patient management software)

bulletA fully expandable Materia Medica  
bulletPatient record management
bulletPractitioner bookings
bulletWaiting room manager


Download free, fully-functional trial versions of all programs.

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